Eve of the Epiphany

On the 5th of January 2024, EOHSJ members and families, gathered to celebrate the blessings granted by the church on the eve of the Epiphany. This is a rite that has roots in early Christianity.

Through this celebration we are called to initiate the new year under the blessing of a saint, drawn to each one as an act of providence. Each member present could carry the blessings received, that of blessed and exorcised water, salt and chalk, back home so that they could bless their homes too. The markings of + M. C. B. + 2024 + were written on the door of the St. Catherine’s monastery, and each one of us is encouraged to do so as well to remind us that we are blessed through Christ.

We thank the Mother Abbess Michelina Mifsud, OSA, Mons Chev Patrick Incorvaja and the Spirituality Commission, for making this special event possible.