Investiture ceremonies in Milan and Catania

Sharing the recent investiture ceremonies that took place in Milan and Catania, to which our Lieutenancy participated.

In Milan, the investiture ceremony held inside Santa Maria della Pace, saw the presence of Lay MC Michael Pace Ross, representig the Lieutenant, Roberto Buontempo at the kind invitation of H.E. Comm. Angelo Dell’Oro, Lieutenant of Italia Settentrionale. The investiture was presided by the Bishop of Lodi, H.E. Monsignor Maurizio Malvestiti, Grand Prior of the Lieutenancy.

In Catania, we had the participation of our Lieutenant for the investiture ceremony held within the majestic Cathedral dedicated to Saint Agatha. This invitation was extended by H.E. Ing. Maurizio Russo, Lieutenant of Italia Sicilia. The ceremonies were presided by the Grand Prior His Eminence Cardinal Paolo Romeo.

Feast of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii

On the 8th May members and postulants of our Order, led by Lieutenant Roberto Buontempo, participated in the commemoration of the feast of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii. This devotion holds a significant place in the history of the Church, having originated in the Jesuits Church in Valletta and spreading to Pompeii and beyond.

Mgr. Charles J. Scicluna, Archbishop of Malta and Grand Prior of our Lieutenancy, led us in prayer by reciting the traditional supplica before the image of Our Lady of Pompeii. Rev. Dr. Knight Nicholas Doublet, Rector of the Jesuits Church celebrated mass.

Feast of the Holy Cross

On the occasion of the feast of the Holy Cross, we were invited to attend a Solemn mass at the Collegiate Basilica of Birkirkara dedicated to St Helen. The mass was led by Provost Archpriest Mgr. Kt. Louis Suban, and the Homily was delivered by Mgr. Kt. Lawrence Sciberras, both of whom are ecclesiastical members of our Order. The celebration was an opportunity to recognise the profound significance of the Holy Cross.

National feast of Sant Efisio, Cagliari.

The Lieutenant, Chancellor and Master of Ceremonies were special guest of Cagliari’s Mayor during the national feast of Sant Efisio. Thanks to the Lieutenant of Italia Sardegna Marco Cantori for making this experience possible.

It was an incredible opportunity to witness the beautiful culture and tradition of Sardegna in one of the island’s oldest feasts.