10th Anniversary

2006 was the 10th anniversary of the Order’s presence in Malta. The Lieutenancy of Malta celebrated this anniversary which came to a climax on the 14th -15th-16th September of that year. A special investiture was held at the church of Holy Mary of Jesus in Valletta, the seat of the Lieutenancy. His Eminence Carlo Cardinal Furno sent his wishes and blessings by letter to all the members which was delivered by H. E. Rev. Mgr. Francis Kelly who also conducted the investiture.The representative of the Grand Magisterium was his Excellency Comm. Adolfo Rinaldi Guests from the Lieutenancies of Ireland and Switzerland together with the local members made curtesey visit to his Excellency the President of the Republic of Malta Dr. Edward Fenech Adami at the presidential palace in Valletta as well as to his Excellency Mgr. Joseph Mercieca the Archbishop of Malta at the Archbishop’s curia in

To commemorate this event the Lieutenancy minted a commemorative medal which was presented to all those who participated in the Anniversary as well as publishing a short booklet which was prepared by the late Comm. Emanuel Fiorentino.


Investiture Ceremony 10th Anniversary
September 2006