The traditional ‘Tenebrae’ function

Wednesday 27th March

In the middle of the Holy Week, members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem’s Lieutenancy of Malta were invited by the Archbpriest of St. Lawrence’s Church in Birgu, Rev. Can. Karm Busuttil, to take part in the traditional ‘Tenebrae’ function. This somber event marks the start of a period of ‘darkness’ during the week starting with ‘spy Wednesday’ when Judas betrayed Jesus. The focus is on the suffering that our Lord Jesus Christ endured as part of His redemptive passion, crucifixion and resurrection.

This commemorative evening included the praying of Vespers, Holy Mass followed by a procession around the old streets of the village which was very well-attended by members of the general public.