Exchange of Christmas Greetings


A representation of the Council of the Lieutenancy of Malta, led by the Lieutenant Amb. Roberto Buontempo, were cordially invited to exchange Christmas Greetings with His Grace Mgr. Charles Scicluna, Grand Prior and Archbishop of Malta at the Archbishop’s Palace in Valletta.

Council members accompanying the Lieutenant, were the newly appointed Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, Comm. Chris Busuttil Delbridge and Comm. Michael Pace Ross respectively, together with the Secretary Dame Amy Sciberras and the Councillor in charge of Dame Affairs, Dame Daphne Fenech.

Credits Ian Noel Pace

2023 CCEE – Consilium Conferentiarum Episcoporum Europae


2023 CCEE – Consilium Conferentiarum Episcoporum Europae – Plenary Assembly: members of our Order, led by the Lieutenant Amb. Roberto Buontempo, participated, along with members of SMOM, at the inaugural Mass held at the Co-Cathedral of St John’s, Valletta, presided by His Eminence Cardinal Mario Grech. Among the co-celebrants were a number of cardinals and bishops, in particular our Grand Prior Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna.

On Wednesday our Lieutenancy had the rare honour of hosting around 40 high ranking Prelates between Cardinals and Bishops, for a short visit at our Ecclesiastical Seat of Ta’ Doni in Rabat, Malta. This was made possible through the intervention of our Lay MC Comm Michael Pace Ross, Vice Chancellor Designate.

Of particular mention was the participation of SMOM Grand Commander Fra’ Emmanuel Rousseau.

Photo credits: Ian Noel Pace

Feast of St Catherine of Alexandria V.M, Monastery of St Catherine, Valletta


Members of our Order, including a number of newly invested knights and dames, participated during the Solemn Mass of the Feast of St Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Martyr. The celebration was presided by the Apostolic Nuncio Mons Savio Hon Tai Fai, in the presence of our Lieutenant Amb. Roberto Buontempo and Mother Abbess Michelina Mifsud, OSA

This feast has become a fixed appointment for our Lieutenancy. Our gratitude and prayers go to the sisters, especially Mother Abbess and the Valletta community in general.

Conclusion of Investiture celebrations


Città Senglea

Città Vittoriosa

To conclude the Investiture celebrations, a thanksgiving Mass, organised by Archpriest Rev Can Robin Camilleri, was held at the Basilica of Maria Bambina in Senglea. It was presided by the Bishop of Ozieri Mons Corrado Melis, in the presence of the host of these events, the Lieutenant for Malta Amb Roberto Buontempo and the Lieutenants of Italia Centrale Anna Maria Munzi Iacoboni, Italia Sardinia Marco Cantori and Italia Sicilia Maurizio Russo, together with members, families and friends.

At the end of the Mass, the dignitaries, together with the delegation of Sardinia and other Maltese members and their families, made history when they crossed from Senglea to Vittoriosa on the famous ‘barklori boats’. 12 boats were used for this special occasion. Those making the trip, could experience the majestic grand harbour of Valletta.

A reception was held afterwards at the recently restored Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa, with the assistance of Heritage Malta.

Photo Credits David Mercieca

Regional Meeting Italian Language Lieutenants and Vigil of Prayer.


Fort St Elmo – Valletta

Mdina Cathedral – Mdina

Regional Meeting Italian Language Lieutenants and Vigil of Prayer.

The following are a few images to commemorate these very special events in our calendar.

For the first time ever we had the honour of hosting the regional meeting of the Italian language Lieutenants, their Excellencies Giovanni Battista Rossi, Marco Cantori, Ferdinando Parente, Maurizio Russo, Giuseppe Michele Marrani, Angelo Domenico Dell’Oro and Anna Maria Munzi Iacoboni, together with that of Switzerland, Donata Krethlow-Benziger and of Malta Roberto Buontempo, presided remotely by the Governor General of the Order, Ambassador Leonardo Visconti Di Modrone. Harding with his presence was also the Bishop of Ozieri in Sardegna, Mons. Corrado Melis.

Prior to the Vigil, presided by the Auxiliary Bishop of Malta, Mons Joseph Galea Curmi, with 16 new candidates, the delegation was welcomed by the Mayor of Mdina, Count Peter Sant Manduca.

Among the 16 candidates, for the first time ever, three come from Sardinia.

Vigil Photos: Rene Rossignaud

Meeting with His Lordship Mgr. Anton Teuma, the Bishop of Gozo

4 November 2023

News from the Delegation of Gozo

The Gozo Delegation of EOHSJ Malta, led by the Delegate Commi. Euchar Mizzi, in the presence of the Lieutenant, Roberto Buontempo, was granted a meeting with His Lordship Mgr. Anton Teuma, the Bishop of Gozo at the Raghaj it-Tajjeb Pastoral Centre in Victoria.

This was the first meeting held between the two sides since the official inauguration of the Delegation.

During the meeting Bishop Teuma expressed his profound regret about what is happening in the Holy Land, where thousands of innocent people have lost their lives and more have been injured. He appealed for prayers and also for all possible types of material help including monetary help, which at the moment is of utmost need.

The Lieutenant briefed Mgr. Teuma about the financial assistance from our Lieutenancy, for this particular cause. This assistance will help these innocent people in their daily needs and try to make their lives as comfortable as possible.

150th anniversary since the establishment of Societa’ Filarmonica Nazionale La Vallette.

22nd October 2023

Members of our Order led by our Lieutenant, Roberto Buontempo, participated in a Solemn Mass to commemorate the 150th anniversary since the establishment of Societa’ Filarmonica Nazionale La Vallette.

The celebration was held at the Collegiate Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck, Valletta and was officiated by Mgr. Paul Carmel Vella, KCHS, Rector of St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta.

The Lieutenancy of Malta congratulates the President and members of the Society on this important milestone in their history.

Photo credits Carl Farrugia

Feast of Our Lady of Palestine

25th October 2023

On the Feast of Our Lady of Palestine, our Lieutenancy organised a Mass at Ta’ Ġieżu Church in Valletta followed by the prayer of the Rosary.

This was our small part to ease the suffering of all those innocent souls that are experiencing imaginable hardship since the start of the conflict in the Holy Land.

May peace prevail!

Liturgical Feast of Saint John Paul II

22 October 2023.

The Equestrian Order Of The Holy Sepulchre Of Jesusalem – ‘Delegazione Gozo’, was invited by the Pope Saint John Paul II Cultural Foundation, known as the JP2 FOUNDATION, to participate in the Liturgical Feast of Saint John Paul II, held at the Fontana Parish Church, dedicated to of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The main Concelebrant was H.E. Monsignor Savio Hon Tal-Fai, the Apostolic Nuncio for Malta.

Our presence was very much appreciated by JP2 FOUNDATION, the Apostolic Nuncio as well as the Fontana Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Can. Simon Cachia.

It is worth mentioning that this was the first time that the Lieutenancy of Malta, officially took part in two separate Church events at the same time, in Malta at St. Paul’s Collegiate Church, Valletta, and in Gozo at the Fontana Parish Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

We thank the JP2 FOUNDATION for the invitation.