Investiture – Lieutenancy of Italia, Sicilia – February 2019

On the 23rd of February 2019, H.E. The Lieutenant, Roberto Buontempo, accompanied by the Vice Chancellor, Commander Ray M. Cassar, attended an investiture ceremony in the Cathedral of Palermo as the honoured guests of the Lieutenant of Italia-Sicilia, H.E Maurizio Russo. The ceremony which saw the investiture of a good number of knights, dames, priests and even bishops, was conducted by the Cardinal Grand Master, His Eminence Edwin O’Brien, in the presence of H.E. the Governor General, Leonardo Visconti di Modrone.


This occasion served, amongst other things, to strengthen the links that exist between Malta and Sicily and to form new ones with the Lieutenancy of Italia Centrale Appenninica, represented by H.E. Giuseppe Michele Marrani.