Feast of Christ the Redeemer

18th June 2023

Our Order, led by Lieutenant Roberto Buontempo, had the privilege of participating in the Feast of Christ the Redeemer, at the invitation of Rev. Can. Knight Robin Camilleri, Archpriest of Senglea Basilica. The celebration commenced with a Pontifical Mass led by Cardinal Mario Grech Grand followed by a procession with the revered statue of Christ the Redeemer. Hundreds of devotees attended the procession.

In the year 1813, during a time when Malta was battling the Plague outbreak, the inhabitants of Senglea made a solemn promise. They vowed that if their town was spared from the ravages of this deadly epidemic, they would hold a procession with the Statue of Christ the Redeemer annually. Miraculously, their prayers reached the heavens, and their wish was granted. Since then, without fail, this procession has taken place each year as a testament to their gratitude and faith.